About Godawari Techno Solution

The Godawari Techno Solutions have been agreed the 'Type Approval Certificate' and all compensate substantial approvals certificates by ICAT for manufacturing and supply, execution of High-Security Registration Plates in India, which is an obligatory prerequisite to wander in this Project.

The Company is known for spearheading in-house research and development, advancement, and is answerable for manufacturing, sales, and installation of HSRPs on all new vehicles registered in particular RTOs across India.

The company has set-up a cutting edge completely mechanized development clear creation line at Jaipur, the most progressive robotization technology a mix of indigenous and imported Equipment.

With ceaseless advancement and technological activities, we have pushed as one of the pioneers in the HSRP area broadly. As the plan of action has developed throughout the long term, Godawari Techno Solutions has implicit various framework capacities to smooth out activities and upgrade customer experience.

The company is expertly overseen ISO ensured company with high business morals and great standing in market dynamism, the experience and qualities are good to go for a goliath jump with experienced technologists and committed group of dynamic technocrats and experienced staff in the separate field, the management is continually starving in putting resources into new R&D and offices, individuals and technology.

The company has begun tasks and entering the business sectors with the quality application for a cognizant customer in a particular field with an objective to accomplish Maximum Customer Satisfaction devoted to the Automotive/Transport Sector, and Solar Solutions combined with the 'Shoot inside to accomplish', assisted with facilitating expand to the impending undertaking in India.

Tenable Company

Make the best accomplishment by regarding a person's worth and broadening dependent using a loan, regard and common joint effort between associations, seek after supportable development with customers dependent on the mutually beneficial organization and satisfy the corporate moral/social obligations.

System Integration & Process Flow

It is desired to create a totally secure information trade organization so everything information can be moved from the decorating station level to the regional headquarters and therefore to the focal worker (from all regional headquarters) with different RTO's consistency to VAHAN/SARTHI according to NIC standards.

Re-designed Robust Process

The re-designed process requires a robust technology infrastructure to help nonstop operational hours at all focuses, the infrastructure would likewise encourage correspondence at these focuses and the Transport headquarters, all RTO's and local Police stations.

Leading Company

Look for persistent change and advancement to turn into a serious company (Corporation), supportable management seeking after company in the quickly changing business climate by sustaining and aggregating authoritative potential all through the general management.

Testing Company

Rule changes dependent on the exact figure of things to come standing up to data unrest and endless rivalry time, the secure upper hand in all fields including item, sales, technology, and management.