Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions policy before accessing any service from our website. By accessing any services from the website you accept our Terms and Conditions Policy. If not, we recommend not to access any of the listed services.

The website has been constructed to make sure that all accuracy and transparency will have well pertained. We have all the rights to secure Our Terms and Conditions. To ensure accuracy within and currency of the content one cannot use this as a statement of law or for legal purposes. In the case of any doubts, a user must verify or check the information first from the department or concerned authorities. In the case of any circumstances, consequential damage or loss, which is in concern of the website will not be liable to us.

Any disputes concerning our terms & conditions shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the courts of Jaipur.

Any type of payment(s) can be made through a Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking, or any other options available on the payment gateway of our website. The information generated at the time of payment gateway is not our concern.

It's the user's responsibility to ensure that the information in the relevant fields is intended to be correct. The user must keep a copy of the transaction. This might help during any sort of dispute or ongoing usage of service.

Our service is provided through the payment gateway provider which is entirely secure and safe. However, none of us will give any sort of assurance to the user about the relevance of information and its reliability.

HSRP details will only be uploaded on our website after access is provided. Our company is not liable for any sort of hacking, unauthorized interception, and unauthorized access. If any such case is provided by the user then our company has all the right to answer it legally.

The purpose of the online HSRP Fee Payment system is to provide flexibility and confirmation to its continuing customer by offering the option to pay online using various payment methods.

We also want to make it clear that the user must not use any kind of chemicals should not be used on the embossing part of HSRP.